Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Choosing Home Housewarming Party!

You are welcome to join me over at Choosing Home's Housewarming Party today, hosted by our dear Jenna and Molly. I am looking forward to reading all the entries! (You can revisit my contribution here.)

In the June newsletter for Choosing Home, Jenna writes,

"Great thanks is owed (and given!!) to the wonderful ladies who have made our HouseWarming so special. As you can see, many great changes have been taking place as we settle into our new home. It is a real adventure, learning, sharing, and developing friendships among ladies who are also dedicated to choosing home. Without further ado, come this way--to our cozy little livingroom. There are many ladies that I would love for you to meet..."

Thanks and congratulations, Molly and Jenna! You are much loved!