Friday, April 07, 2006

Newest Search Strings and Other Friday Fun

Not necessarily in that order.

(Quick update: things are going really well here, and I appreciate so much everyone's prayers for Helen, Ryan's mother. The doctors believe they were able to get all of the cancer out when they removed her kidney, and she is recovering well. Please continue to pray for the family and for her recovery.)

I can't help but indulge in some humor after giggling over Muley's 'Escapist Dating' post.

Oh, and before I forget--I am really excited about some blogs out there:

1. One of my best friends in the world, Katie, has finally started her own blog. Try not to get drool on your keyboard as you dote on her adorable son, Gabe! I love the poem she shares in this post.

2. Katie's husband, Roddy, is a youth minister at a large church. He's started HIS own blog, too: check out Pursue This. I think you'll find his posts as intriguing and encouraging as I have. Roddy has a passion for Jesus Christ that comes out in everything he does!

3. I noticed that the folks at Red Giants have started posting again. Challenging, refreshing, well-written, and easy on the eyes. Awesome stuff...please keep it coming!

Can you tell I love lists? Here's another one. One of the strings I got today really tickled my funny bone, so I thought I'd share my newest stash with you:

More Ways to (Unintentionally) Find Me, Apparently

1. Kristen Dream Walking
Not since I stopped my medication.

I don't know, but it's certainly rude.

3. kristen's cookie company -syllabus
So she's teaching cookie classes now? Most importantly, do I get a Kristen discount?

4. watch with kristen on e entertainment
See, but I don't have cable. That's going to throw a wrench in that plan. How about some P&P?

5. What is the spanish version of It's a Small World
You know, I want to think of something smart-aleck to say, but all that comes to mind on earth did that land someone here? Ed--did "drunken bobsled" make any more sense to you? Oh, and I like how they capitalized the song, but not 'Spanish.' It's not a LANGUAGE or anything.

6. Land of the Walking Marriage
Land of the Leaping Weirdness.


7. Jcpenney incontinent
'Nuff said.