Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Quick Link: Megiddo II

We are in the process of watching this amazing expose on Thursday nights at my church. This film by Chris Pinto is absolutely a must-see!



Part II in the Megiddo series explores the influence of the highly popular New Age movement. This “new” age is presented in contrast to what might be called the “former” age of Christianity. Megiddo features powerful quotes from early American leaders who emphasized the importance of the Christian faith in education & government.

In tracking the history of the new age/new thought movement designed to change those beliefs, the documentary reveals:

1. Little known pagan practices in early America.

2. The birth of the modern “spiritist” movement that began with the Fox Sisters (spiritual mediums) in 1848.

3. Historical figures involved with the occult, such as: Thomas Edison, Adolf Hitler, Carl Jung, Hillary Clinton, and a host of American presidents.

4. Witness footage of 20th century spirit mediums that channel spirits who deny the Gospel and teach that man is his own “god.”

5. Hear popular “Christian” leaders such as Paul Crouch & Kenneth Copeland who teach the same doctrine, calling themselves “gods.”

6. Learn the role of Evolution, its foundation in the occult, and its impact on Hitler, world religion, abortion and genocide.

8. Hear Robert Schuller & Billy Graham preach the New Age Christ.

9. Learn the origin of the Theosophical Society, its impact on the United Nations, and the drive to establish a one-world religion to usher in the Antichrist.

10. Satanist Aleister Crowley’s vision for a New Aeon (age) and his influence among popular musicians. Learn of Crowley’s chilling plan for a “bloodbath” to bring forth his New Aeon of Horus (Crowley’s code-name for Antichrist).

11. See original footage of the Georgia Guidestones – a mysterious monument that promotes the new age goal of depopulating the earth.

12. Documented quotes from new agers who advocate the mass murder of Christians who are seen as the single obstacle to world unity.

Featured speakers: Dave Hunt, Caryl Matrisciana, Dr. Kent Hovind, Pastor Joe Schimmel and Dr. Stan Monteith.

An Adullam Films Production, Running Time 180 min.

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