Friday, December 24, 2004

Totally Bizarre Quote of the Day

Here's one for you.

The blurb below is from a new movie Kevin Bacon is in, called The Woodsman. In it he plays a convicted child molester who has been released and is trying to rebuild his life. What I am directing your attention to is not so much the movie, but something this reviewer says: - Review: 'Woodsman' bold film of tough subject - Dec 24, 2004: "There's enough else about 'The Woodsman,' though, that makes it worthwhile, including his relationship with Vickie, a co-worker played by Kyra Sedgwick, Bacon's real-life wife. Sedgwick provides much-needed warmth as the tough, slightly damaged woman who sees something inside him worth saving. (And after the first time, you get over that uncomfortable sensation of watching an actual married couple having sex on screen.)"

Um, is it more 'comfortable' to watch two people who have no connection in real life perform a sex scene? I don't want to watch ANY simulated sex, ever--how is that justifiable before a holy God?!--but surely, as long as we're splitting hairs, a couple who is really committed to each other in real life is better than two people who've been hired to simulate sex and then will go home to their respective partners. After all, it's just a job, right?

Just one more of one billion things that proves how totally WACK our culture is.

Oh, and Merry Christmas Eve!

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