Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Some Announcements

We've had a lot going on lately. Why do the wonderful and exciting things seem to happen at the same time as the horrible? Yet by God's mercy we will make it through all of them without giving in to either pride or despair.

Please pray for my dear mother-in-law, Helen. She was diagnosed with Stage II cancer in/near her kidney a few days ago; she gets the CATscan results today. She undergoes surgery March 21. Helen knows the Lord, but this is certainly an opportunity for her to know Him more deeply. Please pray that she will hold on to Him, and that the unsaved members of Ryan's family will be drawn to Jesus.

Helen is a career nurse and lives up to the stereotype: you'd be hard-pressed to find a day where she's not tending to or comforting someone, or holding a baby close in her arms. And I'm talking outside of her work hours!

In the midst of this family crisis, we are also experiencing the joy (and STRESS!) of purchasing a new home. We found one in Athens that we absolutely love and that is near everywhere we want to be (close to work, downtown and our gym).

(Guys, you can tune out for a moment here... Ladies, here are some details!)

It's a four bedroom, three bath, three-sides brick with a full basement! Okay, I'll try not to end every sentence with an exclamation point. The kitchen, arguably the most important room in the house, has hardwood flooring, granite countertops, deep sinks, and stainless steel appliances. There's a tiled sunroom that opens to the deck. Upstairs, there's a generous loft area, a bedroom and a full bath. Ryan plans to finish the basement at some point into a recording studio. One of the guest rooms--a nice-sized room with a vaulted ceiling--is going to be my study.


(Gentlemen, it's safe to start listening again.)

I have spoken with Joe Schimmel, the pastor of my church in California, Blessed Hope Chapel, about working with him as an editor of his articles and books. In our first upcoming project I'm supporting his work with The DaVinci Con. Joe will be exposing the lies in Dan Brown's DaVinci Code, as well as showing how neo-gnosticism pervades modern religious thought. I'll let you know when the articles are up on the site.

In case you live in the Ventura or LA area:

"THE DA VINCI CON-ference"
MAY 6, 2006
in Simi Valley, California
Join us as Pastor Joe Schimmel and Kirk Cameron host a live conference
exposing the The Da Vinci Code. This free conference will provide you with
a thorough understanding of the "Con" behind the "Code".