Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Are you kidding me? - 'Pleasant': The devil went down to 'O.C.'

Yep, they're making a TV show about a girl who is the 'devil's daughter' and has evil Carrie-like powers.

I really feel like anything I say about this is going to be stating the obvious. It is interesting to me that even the world recognizes, as is evidenced by this article, that in shows or movies like this, Satan is one of the "stars":

"Having failed to clone the success of The O.C. with North Shore, Fox is trying again with the odder, darker Point Pleasant, a beachfront soap about a young woman who doesn't know she's the devil's daughter. It's as if Who's Your Daddy? was not only spawned by Satan, but also was a star vehicle for him."

More from CNN: "The network has ordered 13 episodes, and hopes the series -- Noxon alternately describes it as "'Rosemary's Baby' meets `Peyton Place,'" or "'Twin Peaks' meets 'The Omen' " -- will catch on."

The prince of this world likes to glorify himself. Usually, though, it's a little more discreet than this.

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