Thursday, January 27, 2005

The demise of family love - Teen accused of putting rat poison in family's food - Jan 27, 2005

Did you notice that things are getting worse? That more and more things like this are happening? It's the 'astorgos' spoken of in 2 Tim 3--the lack of natural affection. I mentioned that scripture in an earlier post.

Even in the recent past--in the last generation--teens would stomp to their rooms, or pout, or maybe sneak out at night (if they were REALLY rebellious). Increasingly, though, there are reports of teens beating, stabbing, shooting,
murdering their parents or peers at school. It's a disturbing trend, but it's one that is prophesied.

Rat The heat of passion is one thing, but this kid wanted his family to suffer. My heart breaks and cries out for him, for his family, and for our nation and lost world.

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