Thursday, February 09, 2006

If You Weren't Looking for Me... still might find me.

My buddy Ed has a hilarious series that he calls "How to Get Here." As I am a fan of shamelessly stealing other people's ideas smart memes (I know, right?), and as I get a lot of bizarre search strings when I check my stats, I thought it might be a fun tradition to start here.

Beware: before you look at Ed's blog--particularly this series, latest edition 8 Feb--just know that his wit is razor sharp. You might be left gasping for air and desperately clutching your sides. Don't say I didn't warn you.

I'll preface this by telling you the articles that get the most hits from this blog. Here's the short list:

1. Created to Be His Help Meet series. The whole series is linked at right.
2. Is All Sin Equal?. Obviously, this is an issue about which many people are confused and curious. Maybe it's because you hear the pithy saying so often, but it defies logic. Everyone knows Hitler's sin and the local teen klepto's sin are not quite the same, but Bibically speaking, I think people have a hard time articulating why.
3. Heads and Hair. For the first two, people are actually looking for something related to the content of my post. Unfortunately, many people who get Heads and Hair are looking for, like, wigs. (A recent string that tugged at my heart: "Is wearing hats to church ok". If you're a woman, YES IT IS.)

And now we come to the other list. In the spirit of Ed, here are a few ways to get here, however haphazardly:

1. Jessica Simpson these boots are made for walking video. Soooo sorry to disappoint! I get these quite a lot, actually. Those strings usually wind up here. Heh heh.
2. Blouses from the 1980s. Because this is the place to find those. Clearly.
3. Mohamed big picture. I have no explanation. And I have never spelled his name that way.
4. What koran thinks about abortion. Haven't a clue!
5. Michael Pearl satanist. What? You know, even the people who vehemently disagreed with my reviews didn't go that far...
6. Wives who henpeck husbands. I've seen a bunch of these over the months. I'm moved every time. Behind every "string" is a person. Is it a hurting or indignant husband? A repentant wife?