Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Truth and Opposition...and a Timely Warning

One of my best friends wrote a comment yesterday that I wanted you guys to see. I met Amy several years ago, and I've been constantly amazed by how much she desires to please God and to know Him more. It was really painful to leave her when Ryan and I moved.

Amy works with Middle School-aged kids at a large church. She is such a wonderful teacher and influence over those preteen kids; they may never encounter another person in their lives who loves them and the Lord as much. Recently, Amy and her fiance decided to get rid of all TV programming, largely because of the discussion at this blog.

"My fiance and I decided to get rid of our TV yesterday after reading many of the comments on the TV-bashing post. I was reading what many of the married couples said about how great it has been for their relationship and woke him up so I could make him read them too. (For clarification: He fell asleep on the couch while I was reading...he DOES NOT spend the least not for 8 more months!)

I am so blessed becuase I have the opportunity to call Kristen one of my bestest friends and she has done more to help me grow spiritually than anyone else...ever. She is amazing and I learn so much from her. I just LOVE to sit and listen to her wisdom. She is such a good (and witty) writer it is easy to keep up with her blog. Anyways, I gave up cable a while ago (wow, it has been like 2 years) after several conversations with Kristen on the subject. I just couldn't justify what I found myself watching. I am a lot like Kristen when it comes to this struggle.

At work today (I work at a church) I asked the staff to be praying for us about our decision. Almost everyone was very supportive, but my pastor/boss made it very clear that he thinks it is not only a bad decision, but a stupid one. I was shocked and mad at some of the ridiculous (in my opinion) things he said about the idea. I literally sat there praying that God would help me not be angry. He boldly stated that people who give up TV are out of touch with reality and went on to say people who have made this decision have obviously not given it much thought. In his opinion anyone who has really thought it through would realize it was a foolish thing to do. Whatever. So, I couldn't wait to get back on here and read the thoughts of people who were more like-minded.

The bottom line is I couldn't agree more that it is open for debate and a decision each person/family needs to make on their own. For us, it is too much of a temptation. I am glad to know there are people that are supportive of the decision.

I appreciate you, Kristen, for all that you've done for me, and for all your friends who I don't know but are an encouragement as well!"

Get the setting here, people: a large (5000-member) church. A pastor with plenty o' power (and, at the time, an audience). A youth worker trying to learn and do the will of God.

He told her that what the Spirit had been convicting her about for years was stupid.

He told her that people who give up TV are out of touch with reality and have not thought through their decision.

He even told her of one couple he knew who "got a divorce after getting rid of their TV...they found out they had nothing in common!"

So, of course, upon hearing this I immediately recanted everything I said about TV and told Amy she'd better keep hers, or she and David could break up! Boy howdy, I am glad I found this all out now, while there is still time for TV to save my marriage!

Seriously, I believe that those who choose to listen to and obey the Spirit will face just this kind of opposition. Before the pastor spewed his vitriol over Amy, he told her he was playing "Devil's Advocate." Interesting choice of words, eh?