Monday, February 06, 2006

Seven Sevens Meme

Donna tagged me a long time ago, and since my day has been CRAZY (C-R-A-Z-Y), I think I need a leetle game.

Seven Things to Do Before I Die:

1. Learn to sew. Hey, I've only had my machine for three years now.
2. Learn to Knit, or Embroider, or something. Kinda like number one. Can you tell I have a longing for the feminine domestic arts? I just...stink at them. Except for cooking. I can do that.
3. Read the Bible as many times as possible.
4. Learn not to freak out, worry, be anxious, or fret.
5. Learn when to shuddup.
6. Travel. I'd put a specific place, but there are so many I want to see.
7. ADDED ESPECIALLY FOR MULEY: Learn to complete a simple task. Like making a list of seven things.

Seven Things I Cannot Do:

Besides sew, embroider, and knit?

1. Speak Spanish. I took French. Maybe it'll come in handy if the Lord does allow us to travel to Cameroon, but man, Spanish looks pretty useful here in America, with our rising Hispanic population. French just seemed much more romantic at the time.
2. Tell time. Well, actually I CAN, but it might take a second. Let's just say I prefer digital watches.
3. Keep a poker face. I stink at any game or situation that requires you not to show your emotions. Oops. Balderdash, anyone?
4. Figure out technical things. I can't fix anything or figure out how anything works. Remember those tests in 8th grade that required you to fold up the box in your head? WORST TEST EVER for me.
5. Stand licorice. That stuff is jus' nasty.
6. Deal with commercials. I have always hated, hated, hated them. Good thing we don't have TV anymore. But I hate them on the radio, too. And don't get me started on the music they play at the gym...
7. Curl 50 lbs. But I will. Right now my high weight is 40.

Seven Things that I Admire in My Husband:

1. His gentle nature.
2. His generous heart.
3. His willingness to stand for truth, no matter how unpopular it is.
4. His faithfulness and loyalty.
5. His smarts.
6. His discernment.
7. His choice of me. HA! HA! I crack me up!

Seven Things I Say Most Often:

I can already tell I am going to be embarrassed. Really, a lot of the things I say are inside jokes with Ryan. And these aren't in any particular order of how often they're uttered.

1. Dude!
2. Why, the windows are FULL WEST.
3. Clearly. (Said with mock-sarcasm, often at the end of a sentence)
4. I know, right? (This is a Californiaism I picked up last year. Look, I did practically live in the Valley, okay? Sometimes it's abbreviated to "Right?" pronounced "Raeyyyyt?")
5. Yesssss.
6. "Sweetie, could you...?"
7. "Army ROTC, this is Kristen..."

Seven Books I Love:


1. The Bible
2. Pride and Prejudice By Jane Austen
3. The Unschooling Handbook by Mary Griffith
4. The Way Home by Mary Pride
5. A Return to Modesty by Wendy Shalit
6. Bleak House by Charles Dickens
7. Body for Life by Bill Phillips

Seven Movies I Would (or Do!) Watch Over and Over Again

1. Pride and Prejudice. (1995, A&E/BBC) Duh.
2. Napoleon Dynamite. "Tina, come get some HAM!"
3. Megiddo: March to Armageddon.
4. Megiddo II: The New Age.
5. Body of Work.
6. Rock N Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution.
7. Winged Migration.

Yeah, like anyone will READ all of this!