Friday, May 02, 2008

I Could Surf Wikipedia for Hours

This was too good not to share. I was doing some research for an article I am editing, and I came across something I'm willing to bet most of you have never seen.

Remember Growing Pains, circa the late 1980s? The Seaver Family, Kirk Cameron, Tracey Gold?

Apparently, the show was a huge hit internationally as well as in the US.

The show was not, however, called Growing Pains overseas. Below is a chart taken from Wikipedia that lists how other countries referred to the Seavers (my hands-down favorite is Italy):

Country Name Literal translation
Mainland China 成长的烦恼 (Chéngzhǎng de Fánnǎo) Growing Worries
Taiwan 歡樂家庭 (Huānlè Jiātíng) Happy Family
France Quoi de neuf docteur? What is new doctor? or What's up doc?
Germany Unser lautes Heim Our loud home
Italy Genitori in blue jeans Parents in blue jeans
Japan 愉快なシーバー家 (Yukai na Seaver Ke) Happy Seaver's family
Latin America Ay! Cómo duele crecer Ouch! Growing up hurts
Poland Dzieciaki, kłopoty i my Our kids, trouble and us
Spain Los Problemas Crecen Problems grow

Parents in Blue Jeans about sums it up. I also like Our Loud Home. Awesome.