Thursday, May 05, 2005

Honoring Our Husbands

I don't usually blog about politics, but I think we have a neat opportunity here.

I have noticed over the past few days that Laura Bush's roasting of the President has not gone over well with pundits and with many of my own blog-family. This post isn't about bashing everything Laura said, nor is it about excusing her actions. From everything I have read, it sounds like she and the President obviously planned to do this (some bloggers and commenters were angry that she "interrupted" her husband...I don't think she did this). Also, Miss O'Hara dispells one of the comments that may have been taken as, um, worse sexual innuendo than it was.


In my opinion, it was not a banner day for the First Couple. Guess what? If Hollywood is delighted (and many "stars" were in attendance at the roast), that should be a red flag right there. Laura's behavior was disgraceful and disrespectful to her husband even if she had his consent. Couching the disrespect in humor ("it's just a JOKE!") is no excuse. She is the wife of the man who holds the highest office in our land. Am I thrilled with everything he has done and everything he represents? Not at all. If you're looking for a blog that rubber-stamps everything he does (and everything Laura does), keep looking.

I'll tell you right now that from statements Laura's made in the past, I doubt seriously that she's a Christian (will I dodge flames for saying that?), and I am not so sure about her husband either (another topic entirely). So I wasn't as astonished as everyone else seems to be that this occurred: Laura ridiculed her husband in front of the world, and now may bask in the world's hearty approval. Period. Not something any wife should ever do--let alone in such a public way.

Again, I am convinced that the President absolutely knew what was going to happen. He may have helped write the jokes! I don't care. The fact that so many people think the jibes and innuendo are hilarious shows just how desensitized we really are.

Prov 31:11-12
The heart of her husband trusts in her,
and he will have no lack of gain.
She does him good, and not harm,
all the days of her life.

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And here's the opportunity I was talking about. Jul from Parenting with Purpose has some thoughts on the subject at hand, and a proposal she suggested that I think all of us will find encouraging and edifying, regardless of our opinion of our First Lady's behavior. In the comments here, tell us something about your husband or your wife that you love. Honor them in some way. Speak well of them. I don't care if you tell us a story, just give a sentence detailing one of the many ways they are wonderful, or what. I just want to hear some good, pure, honorable things about spouses. If you blog it, just put the link in the comments so we won't miss it.

Rachel has an INCREDIBLE post that is both honoring to her husband and instructive to other women.

My husband is an intensely private person, and obviously, given the point of this post, I don't want to embarrass him. I will tell you this: from the earliest moments of our acquaintance, I was arrested by his kindness and his gentle demeanor. He is a wonderful combination of assertiveness, leadership, gentleness and humility that I find really attrative and...honorable.