Monday, March 07, 2005

At Leo Carillo state park on Sunday Posted by Hello


Ruthanne said...

Hi Kristen.

You and Dave Black and I must be kindred spirits when it comes to the ocean. I love the ocean pics you both post. I grew up near the ocean in So Cal and I miss it so much! (I've been in the south since '89.) I remember going to Leo Carillo State Park as a child on a field trip with my school. We had a great time at the Tide Pools finding sand dollars and other treasures. That is about the only good memory of public school that I have!

As a young person, I had dreams of attending Pepperdine University in Malibu. God had other plans and I never got there. (Now I'm convinced that a better way is for a girl to stay under her father's roof of protection and receive an extended education through other means.) :)

I love the above picture of the sea bird. My online nick is sometimes "Sandpiper", though I've have been going by my first name lately.

You look beautiful there in the picture, by the way. You're very photogenic!

I've really been appreciating your blog, Kristen. I wanted to comment in the LOTR discussion, but my time on the computer has been extremely limited lately so I'll hope you don't mind if I squeeze in these quick thoughts: I haven't read the book Carmon (and Molly, I believe?) recommended. I suppose it's possible that book could convince me otherwise,
but for now I'm against LOTR and have trouble with Narnia and Star Wars, too. Whether it's Gandalf or Glinda (the "good" witch from Oz), I'm not interested. Thank you for your boldness in writing about that subject. I know my comments on this are OT for this entry (blush). Thanks for accomodating me.

Keep up the great work, Kristen. Hugs to you from Alabama!

Ruthanne said...

I found at least two typos in my above comment. That'll teach me to leave comments in the morning before I've had my coffee! LOL :)

Christy said...

Beautiful picture Kristen!!
Love ya!

Ruthanne said...

Or is that supposed to be "That'll teach me NOT to leave comments in the morning before I've had my coffee!"?

Digging my grammar grave a tad deeper...

Kristen said...

Ruthanne, you are so funny! :) There are no grammar curmudgeons on MY watch!

I really appreciate your LOTR comments, and obviously I agree with you.

Star Wars is just pagan, New Age, through and through. Hmm, I smell a post! ;-)

We sound very likeminded, and not just about the ocean. ((HUG))

molly said...

You're such a hotty!
*big dopey grin*

Kristen said...


Not Crunchy said...

Lovely photos! Leo Carillo is the first place my husband (then boyfriend) ever took me camping. Since then we've camped all over the U.S.

The photo of you in this post looks different from the official blog photo.

Enjoyed the post!

Kristen said...

Thanks, Alice. :) We were only there for a little while because it was windy and a little cold--but I'd like to go back and explore the tidepools.

Both pictures are me, chipmunk cheeks and all!

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