Friday, March 11, 2005

Yesss! Or, No.

Edited from the original post to say: okay, comments are only intermittently working and I don't have ANY IDEA why. I just tried them and they do seem to be working. Wes and Jenna were able to post, so try your hand at it, too.

I am seriously thinking about moving to another service, like Amy is also talking of doing. I can't deal!

I'm going to leave "Heads and Hair" as the most current post today (um, besides this one), because I have a feeling that more people will want to comment than have been able to so far. Either that, or you're reeling from my dizzying scholarship. HA!

Also, more links have been added to the sidebar.

Oh, one more thing--I wanted to share a song the Lord gave me in the car this morning. It's simple, but it reminded me of the post about worry and anxiety:

You will keep in perfect peace
Him whose mind is stayed on You
You will keep in perfect peace
Him whose mind is stayed on You

Lord, please hide me in the fold
of the shadow of Your wings
You will keep in perfect peace
Him whose mind is stayed on You

I had such peace after singing that several times! God is awesome; He knows what we need, when we need it, and how to give it.


Amber Lynn said...

K- I just wanted to let you know I appreciate you as a sister in Christ. I think in real life (outside blogworld) we would probably judge each other right out of the gate. But here, getting to know your heart has been really cool. I tend to be a bit more....(eeeeewwww I hate this word) liberal than you are. I am glad we have this medium to realize we are just sisters in Christ. And that creates a love that just passes all boundaries and theologically different nuances. I appreciate that you also are immersed in your Word every day and are in love with the Lord. Keep at it!

Kristen said...

Amber, thanks. :) I am glad. I totally appreciate your heart for the Lord, too.

Honestly, if we met in real life, you wouldn't know all these "deepest thoughts" right away. I just shoot with both barrels here (again, right away) because it's a forum where I can. You know, love me or leave me. ;-)

But if we knew each other IRL, we'd have already built some kind of relationship, so when I talk about where Ryan and I are with one of the issues I've brought up here, you'd know that I don't judge would know me, and I'd know you. Kind of like we're getting to do now. :) Does that make sense? I guess I am just trying to say that I don't walk up to random people, even at church, and say, "So, by the way, I wear a hat to church! Wanna know why?" It's something, along with the other things I've talked about here, that I bring up as the Spirit leads.

I'm glad that we opened our hearts to each other. ((HUG)) :)

Amber Lynn said...

You are so funny! You really do make me laugh.

And I see what you mean. I kinda forgot the context here. I am sure you do not give lectures or random theological disserations at the grocery store or whatever.

You seem like a really sweet person. I am grateful for this forum (blogland) because it is a constant reminder to me about unity in Christ's love. :)

Todd said...

Seeing the Lord use this odd medium called blogging is a wonderful thing. I remember having a conversation with a man who disagreed with my Pastor and his decision to reach out through a local paper (of questionable character) to those who need God most.

That God can reach through the internet to so many places and touch the hearts of so many brothers and sisters in Christ is truly an affirmation of his unlimited abilities, and his boundless mercy and grace.

Keep up the great work Kristen. And make sure I know where your blog is, if you leave blogspot.

Amy said...

What's with the new template, girl? What's goin' on? Are you leaving Blogger still? Or do you think that if your blog has to be broken, it might as well look pretty while it's being broken?

Amy said...

p.s. I do like this template better! :) Good choice!

Kristen said...

WELL, it's a creation of the awesome, wonderful, amazing RACHEL of Newness of Life. She was listening to me complain about my Blogger woes, and even in her sickly state offered to make this template!!! THANK YOU RACHEL!

Granted, this new template has nothing to do with the caprice of Blogger comments. But it sho' do make me FEEL betta.

Kristen said...

I should hasten to add that Rachel is not chronically "sickly"--she was just feeling less than great on Friday. Hope you're feeling better, Rachel. :)

Katherine Alba said...


I just wanted to say that I just discovered your blog and am eager to explore it. Also, your pictures are lovely. You look so beautiful and feminine. Thank you for being a Sister in Christ.

Feel free to browse my blog at

God bless,

Katherine Alba

Christy said...

I'm so glad you have a blog where we can keep in touch and talk about the Lord, K!! Don't forget to tell me if you move/where to :0D...Even though we've never met in real life, you are very much a sister in the Lord to my heart...isn't the Unity of the Spirit wonderful!! as soon as I can get in, I want to post on the latest topic...I haven't forgotten hee hee!
Love ya!

Kristen said...

Katherine--thanks for the link and your kind words. Your blog is beautiful and encouraging.

Christy--I love you, sister. You have truly shown me how much one can feel they KNOW someone without ever having met them. You make me long for heaven.

Don't worry! I'll let everyone know when/if I move. Ryan mentioned JRoller to me this weekend, and I have no idea what that is, but he said we wouldn't have to pay for it. :-p I've got to look into something...Blogger comments are still slow.

Lindsey said...

When Christy said "Don't forget to tell me if you move/where to" I was thinking, what? You're moving again? Didn't you just move to Cali? Then I read your response, Kristen, and it's like, oh duh, she meant blog locations, which is the context of your original post. Where is my brain today?

P.S. Keep the controversial topics coming! I like to be challenged (well, I already agreed with the most recent one, but it's good to remember why).

Kristen said...

LOL, Lindsey! I don't think we'll be moving again for a little while (Lord willing). :-p

However, I cannot say the same for this BLOG.

I'm so glad you're here and have been enjoying the discussion. ((HUG)) We need to tell your story (about the mission year) soon, if that's ok with you.

Christy said...

that song...reminds me of my Grandma who raised me (told ya she just "crossed the river" into Heaven...anyone read Pilgrims Progress?) she used to quote that psalm all the time...what a comfort!

I can still hear her:
"Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, for he trusteth in Thee."

youre right, the song is simple, but oh SO true...
Love ya! thanks for helping to bring back some sweet memories today :0)

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