Friday, March 18, 2005

Terri's Fight Continues, with the Clock Ticking

*New Information Added at Article's End*

I haven't blogged about Terri, perhaps because others like Catez have done such an incredible job (Catez regularly writes stimulating posts that are comprehensive and timely, such as her recent science and Christianity showcase).

But that doesn't mean that I, along with thousands of other Christians around the country, haven't been praying for her and thinking of her as these precious days pass before her feeding tube is scheduled to be removed. CNN is reporting that the House of Representatives has subpoenaed Terri and her parents to appear before Congress next week:

"The congressional action is a last-ditch attempt to block the removal of Schiavo's feeding tube....The U.S. Supreme Court late Thursday rejected an emergency appeal by Schiavo's parents, Bob and Mary Schindler, to stop the tube's removal. Meanwhile, legislation that would keep her alive has appeared to stall in Florida's Legislature and in Congress."

I first learned about Terri's horrific plight from Lisa Ruby, who writes at Liberty to the Captives. She's been following the Shiavo case for a long time--long before I heard anything about Terri in the mainstream press.

Addition (10:30 PM Pacific): Terri's feeding tube was removed today. Please check out Laura's account of what Terri said right before the feeding tube was removed...Laura, who has been a part of the protest outside the Florida courthouse, was right outside. Here's part of what Laura wrote:

"We are now in Pinellas Park, at the hospice where Terri lives. Her feeding tube was removed after quite a bit of tug-of-war between different government entities. But before this, Terri actually said "I want to live." From what we heard standing outside, Terri was asked if she wanted to live shortly before her feeding tube was removed. When the answer was affirmative, they asked her to repeat one word at a time: I want to live. Apparently, she spoke each word clearly, and she yelled the word WANT so loudly that the police officers in the hall hurried into the room to see what was going on! More about this over at The Empire Journal. Nevertheless, they pulled the tube out."

(Thank you, Carmon, for pointing me to Laura's site.)

Let's keep praying for sweet Terri and her family.

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