Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Amy the Humble Gets Her Comeuppance

Well, not in the traditional sense. But she was given the Best New Evangelical Blog Award! (Insert trumpet blast here.)

One of my bestest blogging friends was interviewed yesterday, and it's posted at Evangelical Underground.

Here's one of the amazing, brilliant (and, of course, humble) things she had to say:

"Regarding my opinion of present day soul-winnin’ techniques, I don’t think it should be an either/or, but a both/and. We are called to be people of grace, but the gospel itself is a stumbling block. I do my best to 'live at peace with all men', but the gospel truly is offensive to those who are perishing. We do have a responsibility to communicate the gospel to all people, so I personally do not buy into the just-live-your-life-and-people-will-somehow-fall-on-their-knees-in-repentance method. It’s never worked for me. I think the 'living the gospel' approach is just another method we modern Christians made up in order to shirk the mandate. We love our reputations more than His commission.

On the other hand, we bring shame to the very message we preach when we do not 'live our best life.' I think gospel must be both spoken and lived."

That's just the beginning of the good stuff she shared. Amy loves the Truth, and I am glad to have found her.


Amy said...

In keeping with my humbleness, I admit I had to google a dictionary to look up "comeuppance."

A punishment or retribution that one deserves; one's just deserts: “It's a chance to strike back at the critical brotherhood and give each his comeuppance for evaluative sins of the past” (Judith Crist).(smile) Thanks for your generous post; I'm glad to have you as a buddy as well.

Anonymous said...

"That's just the beginning of the good stuff she had to say. Amy loves the Truth, and I am glad to have found her."

Me too!

Kristen said...

Hee hee...I love the play on words. It only works because it's Amy's HUMBLE musings. And you ARE getting what you deserve in the award. :)

Ho, ho.

I probably only crack myself up, as usual.

Humble_Servant said...

You go Amy! It is so refreshing to hear the Gospel preached the way it is meant to be preached. The church today has decided that it is better to not say anything because we "Should not Judge." They take not only that passage, but many others out of context to scratch their itching ears. I praise God for Soldiers of Christ like Kristen and Amy!!

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