Thursday, February 24, 2005

Interview from Molly at Three Pennies

Molly is one of my bestest online buddies. I kindly granted her an interview... (KIDDING, people! KIDDING!)

1. What book (in the last year) has most impacted your relationship with God (excluding the Bible)? I used to read a lot of books, and now it seems that I mostly read the Bible and the internet. This year I've read John Taylor Gatto's A Different Kind of Teacher and want to start his Underground History of American Education soon. I discovered his writing while in grad school (I was training to be an English teacher) and absolutely fell in love. I also liked reading Mary Griffith's Unschooling Handbook, and Mary Pride's The Way Home. Those books had such an impact on the way I view marriage, mothering and education. But I digress, because I read them several years ago.

I also keep coming back to The Excellent Wife, Martha Peace's book on being a godly wife. It's never really been a book I read cover to cover. I have read the whole thing, but I digest it in chunks and keep coming back, especially to the first few chapters, to remind myself of what the Lord desires me to be. It's kind of a kick in the rear, which I REALLY appreciate from anything I read.

Fiction has really fallen by the wayside since I started studying the Bible more intensively...I just don't have time, and if I do have time, I like to focus on things I deem important (like this blog, hehe). I did read Pride and Prejudice this year, though. For the millionth time. And I think I read Persuasion again.

2. How is your relationship with your in-laws?

Great!! They are awesome! My in-laws are such giving, GIVING people. My FIL is a detective for a DA, and my MIL is a nurse. Their whole lives have been dedicated to serving others. (I am not saying that because they read this, either...I don't think they've ever seen it.) They say I am the daughter they never had, which touches my heart--they have three grown boys (I mean, MEN).

3. You have talked in the past about wanting to be a mother but struggling with apparent infertility, and I know that's been a tough one (I wish I could help!). How are you dealing with this now?

Thanks, Molly. :) I posted regarding that in January. Kelly S. on Ladies Against Feminism really said it all for me there.

We have not been given a medical diagnosis of infertility; I'll give everyone here some background to understand our situation. Shortly after we married, Ryan and I were convicted regarding birth control. It was a very sudden thing: I had been on the Pill for eleven years, and I just accepted it as part of my life. A month or two after marrying, though, I was gripped by a certainty that the Pill was not something God wanted me to take. We searched the scriptures with open minds, looking for answers as we prayed. What we found in the Word blew our minds: children are blessings from God, not burdens. God says so. The Bible teaches that God opens and closes the womb. We decided then to give our fertility to God, asking Him to bring a child in His timing.

We thought that would mean baby after baby, right away...and so did our worried parents, who told us outright that we were crazy. We felt certain about our decision, though, and believed that the Word of God backed us up.

In the four-plus years we've been married, I have never been pregnant. We've thought about getting medical attention, but quite honestly, whenever we've gotten near that, God has let us both know that it's not His will at this time. We don't think it's wrong to go to doctors, or anything like that. But we know He doesn't want us to pursue that avenue, at least not now. I am hoping it's because He wants every bit of the glory when He does a miracle! (And every conception is an incredible miracle. Don't get me started.)

4. What toppings go on your icecream sundae?

A whole lotta hot fudge, ideally. I am a big fan of banana splits.

I had one recently with CARMELIZED bananas...ohboy. That was good.

5. When you think of the nations (and missions), what country is heaviest on your heart?

Cameroon, which is in West Africa, next to Nigeria. Ryan and Robert, Ryan's father in the faith and our brother in Christ, went there for three weeks before Ryan and I were married. We're affiliated with Bread for Life, an organization run by native Cameroonian Ernest Ehabe. You can see Robert and Ryan in Africa here. Note: it looks like Ryan has a long ponytail in that picture...he doesn't, I can assure you!

I forgot to add...I'll interview the first person to ask me, like Molly did. :) It's a game that, I think, Carmon started. You get interviewed, then you interview someone else.


Rachel said...

I read The Way Home when I was first married eleven years ago, and it had a solid impact on the way I view marriage. (maybe this is why we seem to think along the same lines in so many ways :). I don't agree with Mrs. Pride on everything -- I, um, have been known to wear lingerie, for one thing -- but overall I think that is a fantastic book for married Christian women.

By the way, in case you weren't aware of it, I'm the Rachel in whose journal you left the comment about Gatto. :)

Kristen said...

You know, I probably should have clarified that--I don't agree with everything she says, either. Or Martha Peace. I totally agree with your assessment. I just remember, though, being so blown away by how Mary Pride presented the last 60-70 years of American culture and the rise and impact of feminism.

And I know who you are!! ;-)

molly schmolly said...

*blushingly grinning at being one of yer "bestest online buddies."*
Aw, shucks...

Great answers--thanks!

We're not identical twins, though, close as we may come, you annoying curly-headed thing.

From your bone-straight-locks alter ego...


Kristen said...

Yeah, Moll--am I ever going to see a picture of you? Do I have to come to Alaska to show you how to download pics off a camera?!

Meredith said...

Kristen, I checked out both of the Gatto books from the library this morning before reading your interview! Thought I would share one of my book recommendations with you-- Our family has been struggling with an inability to conceive again after the birth of our son three years ago. I wanted to recommend a book called "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" that my open-minded doctor gave us. I couldn't believe how ignorant I was about my own reproductive cycle! It's not natural healing or herbal cures or anything alternative--just a comprehensive way to study your own reproductive cycle with accuracy. There is a lot of testimony about couples trying blindly for years before learning how they can predict and track ovulation through a woman's individual temperature and body cues.

holly said...

Hey, I've noticed the same thing about Molly. Where IS her picture??? (She and I have this annoying rhyming name thing going.) Has anyone asked you to interview them yet? I'm not exactly the "coup" interview of the century....but...I'd love to be interviewed if the position is open!

molly molly molly said...

Ok, holly wolly polly schmolly, that's IT! I can't take this picture pressure from you people anyMORE!


Kristen, if you can figure out how to turn it into a small picture instead of a poster, a feat I've heretofore been unable to do, you are welcome to post the family picture I just emailed you on your site. Then I can at least forward people over to YOUR site, as opposed to having to constantly admit the picture-wars I wage with my computer...

Anonymous said...

Never mind--I just emailed it to her (Holly wolly polly).
Ok, back to Real Life now...

Coffee and a Muffin said...

Me! Interview me! (be gentle!)

Rachel said...

I'm a newbie around here but I'd love to be interviewed. :)

Meredith said...


I just wanted to encourage you, re:fertility or lack of it. My husband and I have never used birth control either. We got the same comments from people, but we have only had three children so far. Three years between #1 and #2, 19 months between 2 and 3 and four years since I've been pregnant with number 3. This isn't the way I want it at this time, but hey, it's not my womb to control is it. Trust in Him with all your heart. He is completely good and utterly faithful.

Kristen said...

Okay, here are the interview questions for Holly, Meredith, and Kim. I am going to steal one of Molly's:

1) What book (in the last year) has most impacted your relationship with God (excluding the Bible)?

2) If you could choose a country to live in other than your current home country, which would it be, and why?

3) If you were sent to the Isle of Patmos for the rest of your life and could only bring ONE BOOK of the Bible, which would it be? Why?

4) What was your favorite movie, book, or character as a child?

5) What's your very 'favoritest' thing to eat?

Can't wait to see your answers! :)

Kristen said...

DUH!! I meant RACHEL!! Sorry, Rach. I never, ever said I wasn't a dork.

Kristen said...

Ok, one more thing, and then I will shut up on my own comments.

Thanks, Merediths, for your kind words. I actually did read Taking Charge of Your Fertility when I first went off the Pill. It was a very informative book. Why didn't we learn any of that in school?

Meredith (Entdraughts)--Amen.

Rachel said...

OK, I answered your questions in my brand-new journal (Newness of Life, linked from my profile). The first post in that journal explains why I felt the need to start it. :)

Kristen said...

AWESOME. Rachel, I am linking to your blog, and I'll post a link to the interviews once Kim is done. (Holly's done with hers, too...Kim, hurry up! KIDDING.)

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