Friday, February 04, 2005

A Controversial Issue

Nope, it's not abortion, the State of the Union Address, or homosexuality (though I'd be glad to talk about any of those).

It's music.

Ryan and I first encountered Fight the Good Fight ministries in 2001. We'd heard a few of Joe Schimmel's messages and were really impressed by his handling of scripture and willingness to tackle tough issues. We ordered the audiotapes of Joe's expose on Rock N Roll and were blown away.

His message was simple and difficult to swallow at first because of our culture and upbringing: Joe set about proving, through artists' own words, song lyrics, and Scripture that Satan, the enemy and accuser of man, is the guiding power behind RNR and is using music to shape popular culture and usher in the New World Order.

When you first hear what it's about--well, it sounds crazy. If you believe in the Word of God, though, and have ears to hear, I challenge you to just listen to what he says. I recommend his video--particularly the one from 1992--so highly. If you don't have the money for it, no sweat. Blessed Hope will give them away; they just want the message out there.

At the very least, you will learn things you didn't know before and hear lots of scripture. But if you're like us, you won't ever look at pop culture the same way again.

Just to clarify: Ryan and I do not believe that certain 'beats' are wrong, or that drums are wrong, or anything like that. We go to a church that has contemporary worship. My husband plays guitar. It's about who is being glorified through music, and what message is being preached through it. There's always, always a message coming through all media: art, music, text, film. What message are you listening to? Are you conscious of what's being said to you?


Jenna said...

Thanks for the links. :o ) I took a gander through some, and was particularly interested in what was said about/by Creed. I don't really "follow" bands at all, so the personal leanings of band members are not something that I normally hear much about. It sure was an interesting read. *nods*

I can understand how it can be difficult for people to change their habits, especially since it is difficult to get quite the same exposure to some types of Christian music. It isn't as though you can always turn on the radio and find just what you are looking for. Hey, it would be great if we could.

I, personally, like to pick and choose songs that I like from different artists. However, it's only my ignorance that allows that. *laughs* See, there ya go ruining it for me. *chuckles, with a wink* As soon as my bubble gets burst and I get upset with someone, I just can't listen to their music anymore. Oh well, it's for the best. I don't think that all music has to strictly focus only the nature and character of God. I also enjoy songs that talk about the human condition and the different blessings that we have in our lives, like love, family, children, or even certain events. Still, if people are purposefully antagonistic or blatant God-haters, then that bothers me.

Alrighty, I'll stop bogging down your blog. lol I'll chat with you again when I'm more awake. :o ) Have a blessed day!

Amber Lynn said...

I am a huge music fan!! I have seen the expose on this topic and I just want to affirm what you are saying. It is weird almost, huh? I teach teens and one of them brought in a video to Sunday School and played it. Very bizarre.

Kristen said...

Jennifer--I think you'd be really interested in the expose. E-mail me your home address and I'll send you one for free.

Amber Lynn--did the teenager bring RNR Sorcerers in (Joe's video), or another one? I think there's one called "Hell's Bells" or something. I haven't seen it but wanted to.

Humble_Servant said...

You are 100% correct! It is amazing what is going on today, especially inside the "Christian" church. Back in July we found out that my "Christian" sister was allowing my "Christian" nephew to attend Ozzfest. This is an extremely blasphemous 14 hour concert that is held on a Sunday (don't think that isn't planned). My wife and I were unaware of him attending. It was brought to our attention by my brother who not only told us, but brought up the Ozzfest website with all of the bands that were participating.
I was about to go on and on but I think I will not take up all that space on your site and do what I should have done long ago and post about it on my site.
To make a long story short, my Wife and I voiced our opposition to these bands and have been called every name under the sun, including every four letter word there is. And this is by our "Christian" family. We have found out that although they profess to serve Christ, their actions are far from Him. To them, Jesus is okay, just as long as He does't interfere with their fun. We are now outcasts for taking a stand for Christ. But just as our Lord said, Rejoice when men say all kinds of evil about you!!

Kristen said...

Hi Humble Servant!

I am VERY familiar with being rejected/ridiculed for stances like these. I am actually really surprised that no one has yelled at me yet for this post. Jesus said that if we follow Him, we must expect persecution, and we've had quite a bit for the stances we've taken on issues like this. It hurt to give up a lot of the music I liked, but when I realized Jesus was calling His disciples to give up things that keep them from holiness, I knew I had to do it. And that was before I saw the expose...the expose just confirmed what the Spirit had already told us.

I praise God that you and your wife are standing against the evil one.

Kristen said...

Oh, and I just saw what you wrote here: "We are now outcasts for taking a stand for Christ. But just as our Lord said, Rejoice when men say all kinds of evil about you!!"

Amen, brother!!

Coffee and a Muffin said...

Hey, Kristen, Dave Black quoted you! Woohoo!!

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