Thursday, February 17, 2005

Revisiting 'True Love'

I was reading the comments under Ambra's post about purity, and this one struck me. It's exactly what I was talking about when mentioning the 'crusades' the other day:

"I have 3 grown children, ages 25, 22 and 18. Two married (and were virgins along with their spouses). Selling abstinance is the wrong way to go. It starts with beleif, not behavior.

Last October my 18 year old took a group of non-religious friends to a FCA event before the Wake/FSU game. Her first inkling that it would be a long day ocurred when they opened with cheers for Jesus... "We love Jesus- yes we do! We love Jesus, how bout you!" Things went quickly downhill from there.

Next came a series of talks, all prempted with... "There's a devil at the door." Among the demons was premarital sex. So here is my sweet, cool Lander putting her rep on the line by taking popular friends to hear about Jesus... you feel her pain? Not yet.
Next they were asked to sign abtinate pledges for each demon, ie: drugs, alcohol, sex, gambling. I can just imagine those speakers bragging at the next conference, "I speak to thousands of highschoolers each year and have them sign..."

Posted by Chip Atkinson at February 17, 2005 07:08 AM

He makes a point there re: the 'talks', though I do advocate teaching abstinence. Belief very often precedes behavior, so I differ with him there. Belief is the foundation of my behavior.

Bonnie at Off the Top blogged on a similar topic.


MrJ said...

Sounds like your childs friends were blindsided? I am not sure. I manage to go into high schools every year and teach about HIV. I generally follow planned parenthood, and another program tha is run by a local Crisis pregnancy center.

I speak first about HIV and how it killed my wife. She didn't drink,smoke or do drugs, She fell in love with a man at work, and the very first time she had sex, lost her virginity, was made pregnant, and was infected with HIV. She died from AIDS in 1994. A long story to comment here. :) :(
Nevertheless, I structure my program so that the youth come to their own decisions about morality, integretity and abstinence. I point out differences in generational culture. How different they are and how really.....the same they both can be.

Anyway...I know some FCA speakers. Good guys. They Love Christ and they love...ahemm numbers. Still too much testosterone. LOL. Peace.

I have been speaking since 1995 from sixt grade to sr high to hot line specialists.

No clue how many people... bah...
pray god opens door for more...
The best way to stop the spread of HIV is through education.

molly said...

Hey, Kristen! Where are YOU????
(Ok, this is off topic, I know)...
Missing you. :o)

Amber Lynn said...

I agree- belief preceeds behavior. It is even true with Christians. People have to feel convicted and have a repentant heart before there will be change.

Kristen said...

Mr J--Just to clarify, this came from someone else's blog. I didn't write the comment; I just found it interesting in light of a recent post I made. I am so sorry about your wife. :(

Molly--I'm back. :)

Amber Lynn--Absolutely.

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