Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Addendum to CTBHHM Review

Yesterday I received a package in the mail from Hawaii.

It was from my sister in the Lord, Barbara Durden, who is in her 70s and is one of my favorite people in the world. You will not find a lady with more joy, spunk, energy, and willingness to dish out the truth in love.

We met online, when Ryan and I were first married. On Sunday afternoons Ryan and I would listen to an online preacher (O, technology!); through the program we used, he could talk to a group of us who were physically located around the world, and then if we had microphones, we could also speak to the group. That's how we met Barbara and Dawson. They called us, and we eventually visited when they came to Atlanta.

Yesterday, my mailbox was so stuffed full of mail I had to tug like I was getting a honey-fed Pooh out of a hole. The culprit was a large package from Barbara.

I took it inside, and what do you think it was? (Yes, you're so smart.)

TWO COPIES of Created to Be His Help Meet. She told me in her note that the book had dramatically affected her marriage (in her 70s! Talk about a teachable heart!), and she wanted me to give the extra copy to anyone who might benefit from it.

How awesome is that? We haven't spoken in a while, so Barbara had no idea I am reading the book already. I started laughing and told God, "You wanted me to have this book one way or the other, didn't You?"

Let's call it confirmation. Now I just need to pray about who needs a book. :)

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