Friday, April 15, 2005

Gettin' Old

Well friends, tomorrow, April 16, I will be (*drum roll*) 31 years old.

My parents are in town (have picture, will post ASAP). Ryan has something planned for tonight, but he won't tell me what it is! All I know is, it's an hour away, and I have to be ready to leave at 5 PM.

So far, turning 31 isn't nearly as hard as turning 30 was. I'm kind of getting used to it: I can't eat ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING like I used to (in fact, it seems like a simple piece of cake can send me into a metabolic tailspin!). I'm seeing some wrinkles and gray hairs (!!). I can't drink coffee after, like, noon.

BUT, on the bright side, I am not nearly as dumb as I was, say, ten years ago. The Lord has done so much in my life, and I rejoice. When I look at spry Barbara I told you about a couple of days ago, and when I think about being ever closer to being with the Lord, getting old doesn't seem nearly the all-consuming disaster that the magazines tell me it is.

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